A brand of the Guillet Group


Moving Stage is a brand of the GUILLET Group founded in 1970, in Strasbourg, by Gilles GUILLET.
He started his activity alone as a subcontractor for lock-making and steel working.
The beginning of the 1980s marks a first step in our history: the opportunity to manufacture both for industry taking the new direction of working with STAINLESS STEEL and for the event management field with the development of Aluminium activities.

In the 1990s, this innovative technique driven by the needs and constraints of the market, combines structures and installation principles in a machinery including mechanics, hydraulics and electricity. This innovation leads to deploying roofs and floors in a record time.

After over twenty years of experience in building no-name mobile stages from 36m2 à 256m2, The Group GUILLET becomes a direct retailer.

The GUILLET decides to develop their own Moving Stage brand aimed at meeting market needs, while staying tuned to Client expectations, in order to develop a quality network with monitored products in line with the safety requirements.

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A committed activity


“In practical terms, what does a company’s commitment to a more ecological world mean?”



The Made In France is a strong point and all our mobile stage range is designed, assembled and manufactured in the same factory. From the raw material throughout manufacturing and components; we guarantee that your product has a controlled carbon footprint.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are all within a less than a 100km radius.


Guillet is committed to raising awareness amongst the entire personnel, aimed at adopting a more eco-friendly attitude. Following the same logic, we invest in technologies and production resources which limit our CO2 emissions. 



“All our waste is recycled and reused. The Moving Stage products are made of recyclable materials (steel, aluminium, wood); we guarantee a repairability score of 9.5/10 no matter how old your equipment is.

Within this framework, we wanted to go even further in this approach. We set as a goal to rely on our “partner” centre network in order to provide training and troubleshooting within less than 200km from our Clients. “



  • We regularly schedule audits for ensuring improvement,
  • We review the goals during our management review meetings,
  • We encourage and facilitate propositions on solutions for continual improvement, by involving the employees,
  • We aim at excellence through constant integration of continuing education for our employees and stakeholders in our organisation.


Commitments & Responsibilities

Guillet is a family-owned company resting on strong core values.

They are committed, through their products, to a comprehensive approach trying every day to improve their actions for the future.

Our goal is the continual improvement of the quality of our products, combining your satisfaction with sustainable development.