Modular grandstand

Compose your grandstand and floor to create your indoor or outdoor event

A modular step at will

You dreamt it, we did it ! Adapt a step to its environment rather than the other way around.

A small step module that will multiply and assemble without difficulty according to your desires and your needs.

A high-performance, high-quality step, as we know how to do, meeting the NF EN 13200 standard, with a modular structure where standard platforms and fabric-covered benches can be integrated.

An independent structure that can even accommodate your platforms!

A step that will contribute to the high-end reception quality of your events.

Gradin modulable



The ultra-comfortable bleacher

Select your grandstand for your special moments. : with the same number of seats, give it several possible configurations.

Our bleacher was designed and developed with this in mind! offer you an optimal and ultra-comfortable product where you can assemble, disassemble and reassemble it without special tools…

Install your step in Frontal, Bi-frontal, Quadri-frontal with a pool of common equipment; a valuable advantage for theatres, hotels, cruise ships…

You have the option of customizing your bleacher – steps, colors, coverings, etc.