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Like any advanced equipment, MOVING STAGE mobile stages require some servicing throughout the year.

A mobile stage uses 2 main technologies:
Mechanical engineering and structural

  • engineering
  • Hydraulics

The key to stage operation is the precision with which the components perfectly interact with each other. With this in mind, we developed a general diagnostic programme including 50 inspection points, to be performed on a regular basis.

With this programme, you will have a thorough analysis of the state of your equipment, including a list of repairs to perform immediately, as well as recommendations.

Why should the manufacturer perform this diagnosis regularly?

  • Because they are the only people who can guarantee the value of your investment over the long run
  • Because they are the only people who can supply original parts which must be used to avoid warranty cancellation
  • Their responsibility as manufacturer is engaged

To ensure an efficient use of their products.
MOVING STAGE will thus perform all servicing and maintenance work on your mobile stages.

Overhauls, bringing in line with the standards, levelling, adaptations, and even heavy refurbishment including our latest innovations, we shall be in a position to make the most competitive offer with our flat rate diagnoses, turn-key overhauls, and maintenance contracts.
We replace only what is needed after inspection and your confirmation, so your equipment may provide worry-free operation.

After every intervention, we draft a report specifying the type of work that was performed, and a certificate of conformity to show upon request to regulatory bodies, stage managers, organisers or your insurers.

Hence, no risk of cancelling an event for reasons of non-conformity. A real comfort for you!

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